xtender lithium batteries


follow batteries have been tested and are official supported

4K4/Pro - 5K3/XP/LV

US2000/3000 C



eBick Pro 180;
eBick Ultra 100; 

compatibility with lithium batteries

Studer devices are compatible with all battery types, including lithium batteries. Communication plays a key role with lithium batteries as they differentiate from other batteries by having an integrated Battery Management System (BMS).

There are two main types of lithium batteries: with and without communication. Most lithium batteries require communication between their BMS and the rest of the system for an optimal management of the battery (safety and lifetime). Every battery uses its own specific protocol for communication.

For an effective communication with lithium batteries Studer has conceived the Xcom-CAN, which creates a bridge between the BMS and the Studer bus. The Xcom-CAN has several protocols implemented for lithium battery management, making Studer products compatible with many lithium batteries.

When the BMS is connected to an Xcom-CAN it takes control over the battery management. The Xcom-CAN will control and adjust the Studer device configuration according to the information received from the BMS.

Only two parameters need to be set to configure an Xtender system with lithium batteries: SOC for backup {6062} and SOC for grid feeding {6063}.

More detailed technical information is available in the Xcom-CAN manual on the  Download section under the heading "Accessories user manuals".

(1) Jumper array for RJ-45 (third party side) pinout arrangement.
(2) DIP switches to select the protocol/battery model (switch 1 to 5) and the bus speed (switch 6 to 8) whenever the protocol requires it.

list of lithium batteries:

The models Premium LVL/ LVS, B-Box Pro 2.5 - 10.0, B-Box Pro 13.8 and LV Flex at 48Vdc from the chinese brand with technology LiFePO4 are compatible with xtender range of products. Capacity of these batteries can be modulable from 2 to 441 kWh

Configuration of Xcom-CAN as follow:

Please note: the mentioned reference must be confirmed by battery's manual. For GND (ground) reference please contact battery's manufacturer.

The model eBick Pro 180 at 48Vdc from the spanish brand with technology LiFePO4 is compatible with xtender range of products. Capacity of this battery can be modulable from up to 3 MWh.

Configuration of Xcom-CAN as follow:

The model eBick Ultra 100 at 48Vdc from the spanish brand with technology LiFePO4 is compatible with xtender range of products. Capacity of this battery can be modulable from up to 3 MWh.

Configuration of Xcom-CAN as follow: